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Canopy permission


Do I need a permission to mount a canopy from Design External?

If the area of the porch does not exceed three square metres when measured externally you do not need a permission. This limit is applied to the area covered by the entire enclosure including any overhanging canopy. But the height of the canopy must not exceed three metres as measured from the ground and you must ensure that there is a clear two-metre separation between the front of the porch and the point where your boundary meets the street. There is no requirement for the materials or the design.

The canopies from us from Design External are craft-built, holds building standards and is CE marked according to EN1090-3.


The only thing you have to choose is which model you prefer.

All canopies from us are available in several widths to fit your entrance. Then you choose colour or mayby you want a glass canopy? Do you want the water drainage to the right or to the left? Do you want light sources in your canopy?

Leave the rest to us.

Your canopy is produced by hand according to your wishes.They are easy to handle and to mount.

Moreover, a canopy from Design External is allmost maintenance-free. Year after year.