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A free hanging roof over an entrance, door or porch is called a canopy. Canopies can be designed in many different ways, such as a flat roof, pulp roof or as a vaulted canopy.Our canopies comes in many different forms and in many different types of mat-erials. The canopies sold by Design External are only made of high quality sheet metal and tempered laminated glass. There are also a lot of lower quality plastic canopies available at low cost warehouses but these are many times not tested for the snow load that is required in Sweden. We do not sell plastic canopies on Design External. 



On Design External we have chosen to also call canopies for its more popular synonym: entrance roof, just to make it clearer what kind of product we are targeting but it is actually the same products.

Please read more about our canopies or feel free to contact our support for more specific questions.