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Entrance staircase

When choosing a staircase for your entrance, it is important to see the completeness - the staircase must be integrated into the surroundings without standing out. It shall fit the house and not only be safe but also nice to look at so that year by year you feel welcome home.

It is important that you do not tumble on the quality when you buy a staircase to the entrance. We at Design External only offer you quality wooden stairs.
Wood is a living material that has many different variations. If you choose to paint your wooden staircase, the choice of wood does not play the same role as if you want to wax, stain or oil.



The staircase should also include a bannister if the total height is over 50 cm. The bannister also provides additional safety to minimize the risk of injury. 

A nice recessed lighting in your staircase gives a welcoming impression. Your entrance staircase will also be safer to use if illuminated. Additionally, installing a suitable entrance roof does'nt make it to a wet experience when you lock or unlock your entrance door.