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French Balcony price

Is there actually a big difference between a cheap french balcony and a quality french balcony from us on Design External?

Yes. There is a big difference. 
Above all, safety, but the choice of materials is also an important aspect.

Another advantage of french aluminum balconies from Design External is that they are lightweight, which ensures a safe installation.

Do not dime on the quality when looking for a French balcony! Because it will be exposed to weather and wind for many years.



Speaking of French balconies, the price changes with the quality. Therefor you should never buy a low budget balcony. Maybe it looks nice for a few years but you tumble in both safety and lifetime. Therefor your  cheap french balcony will surely be expensive at the end.

Design External only offers french balconies from the market leading manufacturer. Our french balconies are handcrafted in Småland, in South Sweden and only the best materials and surface treatment are used.

A french balcony from Design External is always made of solid aluminium of the highest quality, with all the advantages of aluminum and doesn't need support.

French balconies from Design External are available in many different variations colours and prices. They are lightweight and does not rust. We are sure you will find one suitable for you and your house.