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Glass canopy

Are you looking for a canopy which melt in to the environment in an elegant way without beeing the eyecatcher of the whole building? Then a glass canopy from Design External chould be an easy choise for you.

An entrance door in glass gives natural light, melts into its surroundings while protecting both you and your entrance from the weather.

The consoles consist of powder-coated stainless steel. The glass is laminated and cured for best durability.

With us, you can choose from several different models of glass roofs. Begin by choosing width and depth and choose if your glass should be clear, toned or frosted.

Your roof is produced by hand according to your wishes and you don't to consider about building permits.




A glass canopy from us on Design External is very easy to mount thanks to the unique aluminum construction that also contributes to the low weight.

Here you will also find installation instructions, care instructions and dimensions sketches - all to help you when you get home. There are also video instructions to download. The canopies are craft-built, holds building standards and is CE marked according to EN1090-3.

If your house is a new building, your architect can easily download drawings here from our website via Bimobject.

The fact that the canopies also are one of the most maintenance-free roofs on the market should make the desicion easy to choose a quality roof from us.