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Plastic canopy

It may sound cheap to buy a plastic canopy. As a one-time cost it may be but how does your plastic canopy look after a while?

An entrance roof in sheet metal or glass from Design External gives your entrance a real face lift. A canopy from us looks good year after year without a lot of maintenance work.

An entrance door in plastic is not maintenance-free. Algae get stuck easily and after a few years your plastic roof is no longer clear and fine but green and opaque. It will also be easily scratched and ugly when branches and leaves end up on it. Weather and wind stains a plastic canopy considerably more than if you choose one from Design External.

There are many different models in our collection, all in order for you to find a canopy that suits you, your entrance and, above all, your wallet.





Choose basic model, glass or sheet metal, choose width and colour.

Now the details follow: Do you want the water drainage to the right or to the left?
Do you want light sources in your canopy?

If your house is a new building, your architect can easily download drawings here from our website via Bimobject.

A canopy from us on Design External is very easy to mount thanks to the unique aluminum construction that also contributes to the low weight.

Here you will find installation instructions, care instructions and dimensions sketches - all to help you when you get home. There are also video instructions to download.

The canopies are craft-built, holds building standards and is CE marked according to EN1090-3. 

You can always feel confident in your choice of choosing a canopy from Design External, the retailer of Sweden's largest supplier of canopies.

The fact that the canopies also are one of the most maintenance-free roofs on the market should make the choice between a plastic canopy or choosing a quality roof from us obvious.