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Staircase outdoor

When building a staircase outdoors, there are many things to consider. It is important to choose the right material. The staircase should be durable, practical and stylish but also safe and comfortable to walk in.

The staircase is one of the first things you notice when you come closer to a house.

It should fit the house and seem inviting, perhaps generate curiosity…

A staircase in quality wood from us at Design External is always a good choice.

One big advantage of the material is that there are so many different variations. Different width, length, color and sort of wood make every tree staircase unique to your house, your porch and for you.


Another advantage is that it is easy to mount recessed lighting in your staircase to make it even safer to use even when it's dark. It's also incredibly stylish and gives a warm, inviting feeling.

Because wood is a living material, it creates amazing opportunities to give your house or porch a living character.


Entrance Staircase Design 2000mm Entrance Staircase Design 2000mm
Ekenäs Hus

Entrance Staircase Design 2000mm

Variations available
11 516 kr
Entrance Staircase Design 1500mm Entrance Staircase Design 1500mm
Ekenäs Hus

Entrance Staircase Design 1500mm

Variations available
11 000 kr
Entrance Staircase Design 2500mm Entrance Staircase Design 2500mm
Ekenäs Hus

Entrance Staircase Design 2500mm

Variations available
12 719 kr
Entrance Staircase Classic 2000mm Entrance Staircase Classic 2000mm
Ekenäs Hus

Entrance Staircase Classic 2000mm

Variations available
9 625 kr