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Staircase railing

A railing to your staircase is always a good choice. Not only does it make the stairs even safer to use, it also frames it in a neat way.

Even in a staircase you can mount recessed lighting and thus create a unique staircase with a personal character. The variations are many, including: straight, carved, horizontal or vertical profiles.

It is important to use quality materials when setting up a stair railing. It shall last for many years and fill an important function: to prevent someone from falling down from the staircase.



It is recommended that the rails should be 90 cm or higher. Up to 80 cm it should also not be possible to climb the railing. Distances betweenthe laths should not exceed 10 cm so that no children or animals can stick their heads between and get trapped.

A wooden staircase is not used for safety purposes only. It gives your staircase a cozy inviting look and because wood is available in many different varieties, but also width and color, you can compare the staircase railing to your staircase like the frame to a painting.