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Wooden staircase

A wooden staircase from Design External gives your house or porch a personal touch. Because wood is a living material and there are many sorts of woods and colors to choose from, your wooden staircase will be unique.

Wood can easily be changed by oiling, waxing or painting. By oiling for example, the wood retains its structure and it mediate an airy luscious feeling

It is important that the staircases are safe and that you choose good basic material, perhaps you makes it extra safe with lighting and that it blends into the environment in a positive way.



Another advantage is that it is easy to mount recessed lighting in your wooden staircase to make it even safer to use even when it's dark. It's also incredibly stylish and gives a warm, inviting feeling.

It may be hard to choose the right one, but you are always in the right hands with us at Design External when you want to buy a wooden staircase. We will help you all the way!